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Pennsylvania Dutch Country Cooking

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Cooking

by William Woys Weaver


This nostalgia-stirring collection of recipes from food historian William Woys Weaver, an expert on regional American cuisine, was five years in the researching and writing. The result is a book that is erudite yet readable, fact-packed and rich in traditional recipes from the young country’s early days, from Almond Macaroons (1702) to Ideal Cookies, a type of spiced butter cookie (1921).

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Over 125 original recipes provide clear instructions for such delights as crusty farm breads, peasant one-pot dinners, luscious spring soups, and light, sophisticated salads made with regional specialties like spelt and hickory nuts. Now more than ever, Americans are seeking the healthful foods associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch concept of Bodegeschnack, or "having the taste or flavor of the land". The heartland of this cookery style is a 15-county area in southeastern Pennsylvania, but it also spreads deep into the Midwest, the upper South, and_Canada and includes the Amish, Mennonites, and Moravians, among other peoples. Both a cultural history and a practical cookbook, this volume not only tells us how to make Roast Turkey with Pepper Hash, but also explains how to ward off witch hexes and kitchen goblins.

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