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Traditional Recipes of Laos

by Phia Sing


This regal assortment of 124 recipes was sourced straight from the notebooks of the late chef at the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang. Featuring culinary masterpieces like Snakehead Fish and Lemongrass Soup, Quail Stew, and Stuffed Bamboo Shoots, it’s an herbaceous collection proves that this petite, landlocked South East Asian nation punches far above its weight in the dining department.

from the publisher

[These] notebooks are a precious resource for those wishing to cook Lao food: the 124 recipes were compiled to give a balanced view of the cuisine (albeit from quite a high-ranking perspective). In the thirty years since its first appearance, materials and ingredients have become easier to source, and the cooking techniques and styles more familiar to us. The dishes, therefore, are very cookable.

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Prospect Books
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MiMi Aye

Blogger and cookbook author

Written by the former Master of Ceremonies and Chef at the royal palace of Luang Prabang, this book is a translation of his Lao recipes plus notes on Lao ingredients and methods. As a close neighbour, there are similarities to Thai cuisine, but this is an essential for those wanting to know more about Lao food.

Karen Coates

Journalist & food blogger

This is a work of history with long-forgotten royal recipes from a culinary era that no longer exists.

Andy Ricker

Chef/Owner Pok Pok Restaurants

An amazing piece of anthropological curation