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Good Food For Bad Days

Good Food For Bad Days

by Jack Monroe


“Good food doesn’t have to be complicated food. Or inaccessible food,” writes Jack Monroe in her foreword to this book of no-fuss but nourishing recipes. Monroe has firsthand experience of trauma and hardship, and understands the importance of eating well when things are bad, so her advice is reliable as well as practical. Recipes, from comforting hot drinks to one-pan suppers, are a survival manual for eating well in troubled times.

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Seventy-five comforting, delicious and affordable recipes from Jack Monroe, star of BBC's Daily Kitchen Live and author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Tin Can Cook. Food writer and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe presents Good Food for Bad Days, a collection of cheering, tasty and easy meals to make when you're low in spirits. Eating properly is one of the biggest hurdles when you're feeling low, so these recipes (dubbed 'depressipes' by Jack) give you everything you need in a dish; they are inexpensive, simple and filling so that cooking and eating a nutritious meal doesn't seem like an impossible task.

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