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by Jack Monroe


Jack Monroe is an outspoken advocate of good, nourishing, affordable food for all, and writes sensibly and approachably on the topic of vegan food and diets, covering everything from ingredients and nutrition to essential kitchen equipment. Her no-nonsense approach extends to her recipes too. Based on inexpensive, easy-to-find ingredients, they nonetheless have enough creative flair to enthuse and entice.

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This full-colour collection of 100 simple, affordable recipes is perfect for committed vegans or anyone who wants to give vegan cooking a try. Packed with inventive, easy and 100% vegan dishes, this gorgeous book is sure to appeal – whether you are looking to take the leap, want to be a little kinder to the planet, need ideas to cook for a vegan friend, or simply want to put some more plant power in your everyday cooking. From Breakfast Muckmuffins to Beet Wellington, and Kinda-Carbonara to Bakewell Tart, Jack's easy, vibrant home cooking is tasty, tempting and surprisingly uncomplicated.

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