China Moon Cookbook

By Barbara Tropp

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The Julia Child of Chinese cooking unpacks traditional dishes and techniques of the Far East using Western ingredients and sensibilities. Beloved recipes from Barbara Tropp’s famous restaurant, China Moon Cafe, fill the pages so that any kitchen can have a taste of her legacy.

from the publisher

The "Julia Child of Chinese cooking" (San Francisco Chronicle), Barbara Tropp was a gifted teacher and the chef/owner of one of San Francisco's most popular restaurants. She was also the inventor of Chinese bistro, a marriage of home-style Chinese tastes and techniques with Western ingredients and inspiration...Casual yet impeccable, and as balanced as yin and yang, these 275 recipes burst with unexpected flavors and combinations...

Recommended by

Dan Toombs

Food writer

The late Barbara Tropp was one of my first food heros. This book is packed with amazing Chinese recipes and ideas.

Tracey Ryder

Co-founder of Edible Communities