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Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopan Cooking

Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopan Cooking

by Kittee Berns


“My priority in creating this book was to fill it with as many practical, delicious recipes as possible,” writes author Kittee Burns. Given the country’s long religious tradition of meat-free fasting dishes, Ethiopian cuisine is a happy feasting ground for vegetarians and vegans. The rewarding recipes are based on ingredients readily found in North American supermarkets too.

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For those unfamiliar with Ethiopian cooking, Kittee Berns is on a mission to demystify these delicous dishes, breaking through language and cultural barriers to show how these foods are traditionally prepared and served. Readers discover how to source the ingredients that are essential for replicating authentic Ethiopian dishes and learn several ways to make perfect injera without the need for special equipment. Kittee focuses on the popular vegan "fasting" dishes found in veggie combo platters in restaurants, as well as less familiar vegan dishes and fusion foods (those that blend Ethiopian seasonings into nontraditional foods) that will thrill and intrigue fans of this cuisine. Along with more than 90 recipes are sections on how to serve Ethiopian cuisine, make prep easy, and cook for a crowd.

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