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The Tinned Fish Cookbook: Easy-To-Make Meals from Ocean to Plate

The Tinned Fish Cookbook: Easy-To-Make Meals from Ocean to Plate

by Bart van Olphen

from the publisher

45 scrumptious, miraculously fresh-tasting fish-based recipes from tuna to mackerel to herring from a Scandinavian expert with a growing platform so tasty you won t believe it s canned. Scrumptious recipes for tuna, mackerel, herring, and more so tasty, you won't believe it's from a can! Quick: What ingredient is delicious, sustainable, easy to store, and adds protein and healthy fats to any dish? Why, it s tinned fish, of course! Whether you re a seafood lover or a home cook craving something new, The Tinned Fish Cookbook is for you. Sustainable fishing advocate Bart van Olphen shines a light on the superstar potential of canned tuna, salmon, anchovies, and more, with recipes that are ready in a jiff. Here are hearty mains from Tuna Lasagna to Mackerel and Potato Frittata, fresh salads like the classic Niçoise Salad and crisp Crab and Fennel Watercress Salad, and creative takes on normally less-fishy fare, such as Anchovy Dumplings, Salmon Pizza, and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Sardines. The possibilities are endless and the photos by David Loftus are irresistible. What s more, Bart dives into the wonders of modern fishing and canning, helping you recognize eco-friendly fish, so you can enjoy your ocean-to-plate meal with confidence. There s more to tinned fish than ever before!

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