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The Foods of Greece

The Foods of Greece

by Aglaia Kremezi


If you want to understand Greek cooking culture, start with this book. The author gives detailed descriptions of a range of Greek ingredients (olives, tomatoes, Greek cheeses, breads, wild greens, almonds and walnuts, scented herbs and subtle spices…) and puts Greek food into context, from the time of Homer, to the Byzantine period, right up to contemporary times, explaining how the Greek diet has been shaped by religion, history and geography. Recipes highlight the honesty, frugality and simplicity of Greek cooking.

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Mediterranean cuisine is known for its delicious flavors and wide-ranging health benefits. The Greek diet, with its abundance of fresh vegetables, fish, grains, legumes, fruit and small amounts of chicken, lamb and veal, may be the most nutritious of all.

In this award-winning cookbook, Athenian journalist Aglaia Kremezi transports readers to her homeland, sharing her personal selection of 135 regional dishes made from easily accessible ingredients. Featuring stunning food and location photography by Martin Brigdale, this book will change the way you think about food. Kremezi’s delightful writing includes history, mythology, religion and folklore, providing a fascinating look at this unique and advantageous diet.

With recipes ranging from artichoke, carrot and fava bean stew to mackerel wrapped in vine leaves, The Foods of Greece is an essential for every home cook looking for nutritious, savory meals.

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