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Egg & Chicken

Egg & Chicken

by Grant MacPherson


Both the chicken and the egg come first in this recipe book by chef Grant MacPherson. Exploring a world of possibilities of flavors using two building blocks integral to many cuisines – the egg and the chicken – MacPherson’s recipes are achievable, yet full of playfulness and humor. From Chicken Congee and Chinese Doughnut Sticks, to Cornflake-crusted Chicken and Waffles toYorkshire Pudding, there are some very good eggs (and chickens) in here, all captured stylishly by photographer Bill Milne.

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Readers don't need to sit down and pour over complex cooking instructions. Chef Grant MacPherson adds a bit of whimsy to recipes that readers can quickly apply to their own knowledge in the kitchen. These concise dishes, clean and simple are peppered with series of elegant images from his good friend, photographer Bill Milne. Together they tell a story of working side-by-side that compliments the egg and chicken. There are short and easy descriptions of your classic favorites and some clever twists for today's cuisine. As a bonus, the global range of the dishes offers added excitement. Happy Cooking! [Please note that while Egg & Chicken is available globally via ckbk, the print and ebook editions on Amazon are currently available only in the United States]

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