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Under the Sun

Under the Sun

by Caroline Conran

from the publisher

A lyrical journey through the food and regions of Southern France, presenting over 120 superb recipes from this extremely knowledgeable, charming cookery writer. Under the Sun begins with an exploration of the South of France with its specialities, interesting ingredients, styles of cooking and traditions. Inspired by the flavours found across the wind-scoured, sunbleached landscape, Caroline takes us through classic ingredients and flavours in her collection of recipes, inspired by the best-kept olive and walnut groves, the loveliest apricot orchards and the terroir of the regions. We travel with the author region by region, through the Dordogne, Gascony, Languedoc, the Basque and Provence - the warm South. The Southern Larder introduces local ingredients and specialities. The superb collection of recipes, each with a distinctive introduction, begins with a savoury selection of delightful salads that will whet your appetite, including Salad of Artichokes Fried in Walnut Oil, Delicious soups include Pumpkin, Leek and White Bean Soup and Bouillabaisse of Crawfish with Peas. Light snacks are found in Melted Cheese Tart, while classic fish recipes will make your mouth water, such as Squid Braised with Peppers. Tradition is at its best with recipes using a range of birds, from Albigensian Duck to Roasted Partridge. Other main courses include the delicious Garlic-roasted Pork Loin and Saucisses Fraiches au Vin Blanc, with vegetarian specialities that include Roasted Pumpkin and Tomato and Onion and Potato Gratin. There are beautiful breads and tempting desserts, such as Tender Walnut Tart and Gascon Carrot Cake. This beautifully presented book is designed in a way which evokes the spirit and character of the recipes and the charming informative narrative, laced with anecdote and intriguing culinary facts. It features the superb photographs of Gilles de Chabaneix, shot on location, who has presented the delightful food, ingredients and warm South in its full glory.

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Susan Campbell

Writer and lllustrator

I have to admit that I had a hand in this one, being Caroline’s sous chef for executing the recipes in a borrowed house in Provence, while the stylist and photographer worked on the pictures for each dish. It was a job, but sourcing the ingredients and eating the results was pure pleasure.