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Prashad: Cooking with Indian Masters

by J. Inder Singh Kalra


The author, who’s been called ‘the czar of Indian cuisine,’ has spent five decades unravelling the histories of India’s regional cuisines and dishes. In this pan-Indian compendium, chapters (West Coast, Rajasthan, South India…) are written by chefs with expert local knowledge. An authoritative masterwork, it’s inspired UK chefs such as Vivek Singh of The Cinnamon Club.

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This book is a celebration of the best in Indian cooking. It is the author's intention to introduce the foods of India through the culinary genius of some of the finest Chefs in the country. It is no secret that Indian Cuisine is "in" and the time ripe to introduce the "Grand Ol' Men" and the "Whizz Kids" of the Indian kitchen: the present day Chefs, who are inventive and daring—ready to try out anything new and different. The result is a wonderful collection of recipes—old and new—from their respective repertoires.

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The cooking of India

The cooking of India

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