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The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste of Malaysia

The Best of Chef Wan Volume 1: A Taste of Malaysia

by Chef Wan


Chef Wan is the most well-known chef in Malaysia. He is a familiar figure on TV screens, has more than 1 million followers in Instagram, and is widely seen as the country's culinary ambassador. This book brings together Chef Wan's favorite dishes from all over Malaysia, including several recipes for rendang (the iconic slow-cooked meat dish), as well as recipes for seafood and for the street food which is such an important part of Malaysian cuisine.

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Malaysia's Culinary Ambassador, Chef Wan, shares more than 60 of his favourite Asian recipes

In this exciting collection, Chef Wan combines the rich flavours of his Malay heritage with his passion for cooking, and presents a mouth-watering range of recipes from hearty meat and poultry dishes, to lighter fish and seafood dishes, and refreshing salads and vegetable dishes.

Whether you're already familiar with Asian cuisine or seeking to learn more, allow Chef Wan to guide and inspire you as you prepare these scrumptious dishes for your family and friends

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