Tahini is a thick, creamy paste made from ground, toasted sesame seeds. It’s a pantry staple in Israel and the Middle East, where tahini puts the umami in hummus and the nutty twist in baba ganoush.
Tahini has become enduringly popular in baking; its texture and flavour make it a welcome alternative to peanut butter when swirled through a brownie batter. When added to buttercream, it adds complexity and earthiness to otherwise one-dimensional frosting.
Try tahini in savoury bakes too: it adds depth to cheese biscuits or fluffy chickpea rolls. Keep a jar on standby for whisking into yoghurt or lemon based salad dressings, or to make a quick tahini sauce to drizzle over lamb kofte or roasted cauliflower. You can stir tahini into soba noodles, or add a dollop to a banana smoothie. Of course, it goes without saying a bowl of homemade hummus swirled with olive oil would be respectable, but not great (nor truly authentic) without the addition of a good dollop of the best sesame paste you can find. It seems there really is nothing tahini can't do.