Matcha is a vibrant green tea powder from Japan with plenty to offer adventurous cooks. In Japan, matcha forms part of the intricate tea ceremony: tea masters gently whisk the powder with hot water before serving in bowls.
Matcha has become big news in the West too, thanks to its reputation as a potent source of antioxidants. No time for a morning tea ceremony? Master the art of a frothy matcha latte and save a fortune on coffee shop versions. Add a teaspoon to smoothies or green juice or fold a little into pancake batter or a bowl of granola with yogurt. Don’t go crazy: matcha’s intense, grassy flavor means a little goes a long way.
Matcha adds an earthy dimension to baked goods. Try folding into chocolate chip cookie batter or pairing with berry and floral flavors in cakes. It’s taste profile also pairs beautifully with milky, creamy confections: try it in an ice cream, chocolate pudding or crème brûlée. That Kermit color will make your matcha creations look as good as they taste.