Vegan Sweet Treats Everyone Will Love

Whether you are a fully-fledged vegan looking for tempting dessert options beyond an abstemious plate of cut fruit or are simply seeking out a healthier approach to indulgence without the dairy and eggs, we've selected our favorite, most delicious vegan sweet treats to share with you. We can't resist Molly Yeh's ingenious horsey cake which can even suit those with a wheat allergy if made with gluten-free flour. Alicia Silverstone's decidedly easy Peanut Butter Treats is packed with chocolate chips that both kids and adults alike will adore. For the moreish and energy-boosting Cocoa-Coconut Macaroons from Run Fast, East Slow, you'll need to stock up on coconut oil and shredded coconut as chances are you'll want to whip up a double batch. With an eye on the season for our final pick, we had to throw in Hannah Karminsky's Upside Down Blood Orange Cake; a must-bake while these crimson-fleshed beauties are still at their prime.

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