To Boil a Rump of Beef the French Fashion


Take a Rump of Beef, boil it Half an Hour, take it up, lay it into a large deep Pewter Dish or Stew-pan, cut three or four Gashes in it all along the Side, rub the Gashes with Pepper and Salt, and pour into the Dish a Pint of Red Wine, as much hot Water, two or three large Onions cut small, the Hearts of eight or ten Lettuces cut small, and a good Piece of Butter roll’d in a little Flour; lay the fleshy Part of the Meat downwards, cover it close, let it stew an Hour and a Half over a Charcoal Fire, or a very slow Coal Fire. Observe that the Butcher chops the Bone so close that the Meat may lie as flat as you can in the Dish. When it is enough, take the Beef, lay it in the Dish, and pour the Sauce over it.

Note, When you do it in a Pewter Dish, it is best done over a Chaffing-dish of hot Coals, with a Bit or two of Charcoal to keep it alive.