Beef à la Daub


You may take a Buttock or a Rump of Beef, lard it, fry it Brown in some sweet Butter, then put it into a Pot that will just hold it; put in some Broth or Gravy hot, some Pepper, Cloves, Mace, and a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, stew it four Hours, till it is tender, and season it with Salt; take Half a Pint of Gravy, two Sweetbreads cut into eight Pieces, some Truffles and Morels, Palates, Artichoke-bottoms and Mushrooms, boil all together, lay your Beef into the Dish, strain the Liquor into the Sauce, and boil all together. If it is not thick enough roll a Piece of Butter in Flour, and boil in it. Pour this all over the Beef. Take Force-Meat roll’d in Pieces Half as long as one’s Finger, dip them into Batter made with Eggs, and fry them Brown, fry some Sippets dipp’d into Batter cut three Corner ways, stick them into the Meat, and garnish with the Force-Meat.