To Roast a Cod’s Head


Wash it very clean, and score it with a Knife, strew a little Salt on it, and lay it in a Stew-pan before the Fire, with some thing behind it, that the Fire may roast it. All the Water that comes from it the first half Hour, throw away; then throw on it a little Nutmeg, Cloves, and Mace beat fine, and Salt; flour it, and baste it with Butter. When that has lain some time, turn it, and season, and baste the other Side the same; turn it often, then baste it with Butter and Crumbs of Bread. If it is a large Head, it will take four or five Hours baking; have ready some melted Butter with an Anchovy, some of the Liver of the Fish boiled and bruised fine, mix it well with the Butter, and two Yolks of Eggs beat fine, and mixed with the Butter, then strain them through a Sieve, and put them into the Sauce-pan again, with a few Shrimps, or pickled Cockles, two Spoonfuls of Red Wine, and the Juice of a Lemon. Pour it into the Pan the Head was roasted in, and stir it all together, pour it into the Sauce-pan, keep it stirring, and let it boil; pour it in a Bason. Garnish the Head with fry’d Fish, Lemon, and scraped Horse-red dish. If you have a large Tin Oven it will do better.