Spring Roll Wrappers

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Chinese Technique

By Ken Hom

Published 1981

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Spring roll wrappers are not widely available outside Chinese markets. The egg roll wrappers available in supermarkets can be used instead, as can the basic egg wrapper, but they make a thicker skin. Handmade Filipino lumpia skins found in Asian communities are the closest substitute. Spring roll wrappers are so thin (like a crepe) that when they are deep-fried they become crisp, brittle, and translucent, like a piece of fine parchment paper.

The flour-and-water batter is painted onto a crepe pan to get the thinnest possible wrapper. It is then cooked over low heat until it turns translucent, then slowly peeled from the pan. Make sure the pan is cool before making the next wrapper so that it doesn’t brown and start to cook unevenly.

The following quantities make about ten to twelve wrappers. They may be prepared in advance and frozen; reheat by steaming.


  • ¾ cup water
  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ teaspoon salt


  1. Mix the water, flour, and salt to form a thick batter.

  2. Paint the batter on the inside surface of a cold crepe pan.

  3. Put it over low heat until the batter begins to turn translucent.

  4. Loosen the edge with a thin spatula, and peel the wrapper from the pan. Stack the wrappers between layers of waxed paper and seal in plastic wrap because they dry out very easily.

  5. Let the pan cool between wrappers; dip it in water to hasten the process. (If you try to paint the batter on while the pan is hot, it cooks unevenly.)