Catherine Basket

Corbeille à la Catherine


Take a basket mould and fill up the top part with well-frozen different-coloured custards. Various flavours can be used for the required ices from one foundation, as explained below; or, if preferred, assorted custards, such as Pistachio, strawberry, damson, lemon, &c., can be frozen for the purpose. To arrange the ices in the shape, remove the top of the mould and place it on some well-crushed ice that is mixed with freezing salt, being careful to prevent the brine from getting into the mould; fill it up with the frozen custards, pressing them well to the shape; remove the bottom of the mould and place the body on the filled top; then fill it up with the ice prepared, knock the mould on the table so that the ice sinks well into the shape; put on the bottom, and place the mould in the charged ice-cave for three and a half to four hours, turning it now and again during the freezing. Have some small assorted ice shapes, and fill these with some of the ices used for the top of the basket; let these freeze in the cave for about one and a half hours, then, when all are frozen, dip into cold water and turn out in the usual manner on to a cloth. Arrange the basket in the centre of a dish on a dish-paper; place the small shapes round it, and put a twist of spun sugar round the whole with sprigs of fern here and there. Use for a dinner or dessert ice.