Monte Carlo Violet Ice

Glace de Violettes à la Monte Carlo


Take one quart of single cream, sweeten it with four ounces of castor sugar, flavour it with the seeds taken from the insides of two split vanilla pods, one and a half gills of rose water, one large tablespoonful of Maraschino liqueur and one tablespoonful of Marshall’s Vanilla Essence; pound half a pound of crystallised violets into a paste and mix it with the cream, add enough of Marshall’s Damson Blue to colour to the desired shade (first mixing the colour into a smooth paste with a little milk) and rub all through a clean tammy cloth; pour the mixture into the charged freezer, freeze it to the consistency of a very thick batter, then put it into a long bomb mould; place this into the charged ice cave for three and a half to four hours, then turn out the ice in the usual way on a dish-paper on to a dish; garnish with snow cream or with spun sugar and press into the spun sugar or snow cream, as shown in engraving, some of the crystallised violets, and serve for dinner or dessert. Have George’s Cheltenham Wafers handed on a separate plate.