Saint-Charles White Ice

Glace Blanche à la Saint-Charles


Mix together one quart of single cream, three-quarters of a pint of rose or orange-flower water, half a pound of fine castor sugar, a wineglassful of Marshall’s Noyeau Syrup, a wineglass of Marshall’s Maraschino Syrup, and when the sugar is quite dissolved pour the mixture into the charged freezer and freeze it to a thick consistency; add to it four raw whites of eggs that have been whipped stiffly and mixed with two ounces of Marshall’s Cane Sugar that has been boiled with one ounce of water for about five minutes, adding this to the frozen cream when it is cool; add also two ounces of sweet desiccated cocoanut; refreeze it, and put it in any pretty mould, such as a basket mould, in the charged ice cave for about three hours, then turn out the ice in the usual way on a paper on a dish, and serve for a dinner or dessert ice.