Aunty Birgitta’s Sauerkraut


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  • 1.5 litre

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By Asa Simonsson

Published 2019

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Sauerkraut is called surkal in Swedish. There is no English word for sauerkraut but it literally translates as sour cabbage.

This recipe is a typical Swedish surkal, and a favourite in our household. It can be made with just white cabbage or just red cabbage but personally I prefer a mixture of them both. It will aid your digestion when eaten with a meal and goes well with most dishes. It is good mixed into salads and in coleslaws. If you find sauerkraut a little too sour or sharp for your liking, you can mix in some mayonnaise. This will mellow the kraut and is a great way of giving it to children.

A lovely condiment, this sauerkraut is very versatile. I always come back to this simple recipe.