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by Asa Simonsson


Fermented foods have been an integral part of the human diet for centuries, as Simonsson points out. This book is a thorough introduction to what can be a daunting subject, with well-researched, concise information about the science of fermentation, the equipment needed, and 64 recipes for vegetables, drinks, and sweet dishes.

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Cabbage, salt and water... and time. That's all it takes to make one of the healthiest foods. Ferments are amazing, they not only are great-tasting, but are very good for you. Used for centuries as a natural way of food preservation, they are now known to actively improve digestive balance and gut health. What is more satisfying than lining up a row of brightly coloured jars that you have made yourself, all bursting with natural goodness? Ferments are cheap and easy-to-make, yet full of sophisticated flavours, aromas and textures. And the benefits of fermented food can be found in much more than cabbage sauerkraut: this detailed and practical book also shows how to make all kinds of delicious brine pickles, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, nut cheeses, and sourdough. This inspiring and instructional guide is packed with expert advice for easy and successful food ferments, beautifully photographed throughout.

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Gut instinct: ckbk’s fermentation collection

Gut instinct: ckbk’s fermentation collection

Inspired by Asa Simonsson’s new-to-ckbk title Fermentation, we take a (good) bacteria-fueled journey through the ckbk collection to discover more about the ancient art and science of this method of preserving and enhancing food.

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Thomas Dubois


A wonderfully expansive book, although fermentation itself is more sorcery than cooking.