Mimosa Popsicles, Gewürztraminer-Tamarind, Pinot Grigio, Asti Spumanti, and Apricot Ice Pops


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  • Yield

    10 Portions

    per Type of Pop

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  1. Store the pops in an airtight container rather than on a sheet pan wrapped in plastic. This method of storage is more efficient for service.
  2. Temper the pops for 4 to 5 minutes before serving so they won’t be too hard to eat. If possible, serve the pops in a standing position. Any vessel with perforations big enough to hold the sticks snugly and securely so they won’t tilt or move around but also won’t be difficult to pick up out of the vessel will make for a beautiful presentation. Silver, Plexiglas, and even a fine wood surface are good materials to use. The pops can also be wrapped in confection foil of any color, which will enhance the already intriguing dessert. If serving different flavors of popsicles, wrap each flavor in a different color.