Pâte à Choux Ornaments

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The Professional Pastry Chef

By Bo Friberg

Published 1989

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  • ¼ cup (60 ml) whole milk
  • ½ ounce (15 g) unsalted butter
  • 3 tablespoons (22.5 g) bread flour
  • 2 egg yolks
  • Whole milk as needed


  1. Follow the directions for making pâte à choux. Force the finished paste through a fine strainer and cover tightly.
  2. Draw 5 circles, 3½ inches (8.7 cm) in diameter, on each of 3 half sheets of baking paper. Invert each paper on a half-sheet pan securing the papers to the pans with a small dab of pâte à choux in each corner.
  3. Have ready a plain cookie cutter, 3½ inches (8.7 cm) in diameter, and place a small amount of vegetable oil on a saucer.
  4. Make a piping bag that is slightly larger than normal and place a portion of the pâte à choux inside. Pipe the paste over the drawn circles in parallel lines spaced ¼ inch apart, overlapping the circle at the end of each line. Pipe a second set of lines in the same manner pacing these at a 45-degree angle to the first set. Each line must extend beyond the drawn circle. The finished patter should consist of diamond-shaped openings between the lines.
  5. Bake 1 pan of ornaments at a time at 375°F(190°C) until the paste is set but has not yet started to brown. This will take only about 4 minutes so you need to watch carefully. Remove the pan from the oven and, working quickly, dip the cookie cutter in oil and use it to firmly cut out the center of each ornament. Place the pan back in the oven and continue baking until the ornaments are light golden brown. Repeat baking and cutting the remaining ornaments in the same way. When the ornaments have cooled, store the round centers in airtight containers and discard the trimmed scraps. The ornaments may be stored for up to 2 weeks.