Making Spun Sugar


Spun sugar is a dramatic finishing touch for many desserts. When the caramel is honey-to amber-colored, stop its cooking by dipping the bottom of the pot into cold water. Then allow the caramel to cool for about 3 minutes. (This cooling period is necessary to allow the caramel to form golden strings; if the caramel is too hot, small beads will drop when it is lifted on a fork.)

Dip the tines of a fork or a cutoff whisk into the syrup which has a color and consistency similar to that of honey. Pull up and lift the golden strings that form (they will not be too hot to touch). You may wrap them around your hand to form a nest or around the outside of a cake. If you are not using the strands right away, place them in an airtight metal container for a couple of hours before using on a dessert.