Litchi | Rose | Raspberry Jellies | Rose Petal Cake Crumbs

Why These Flavors Work

I had originally seen this flavor combination in one of Pierre Hermé’s macarons, the Ispahan. It seemed unusual to me, but when I was able to taste these flavors I realized that they play off of each other almost seamlessly. It is important to use natural, organic roses and to make an infusion out of them to obtain a proper rose flavor; do not use rose flower extract since some people have an aversion to that aroma/flavor. This dessert is mostly pure flavor and less so texture, since all three jellies have relatively the same consistency. The cake crumbs add some solid texture but to a lesser degree. This dessert is more about the interaction of these flavors and the vessel of a gelled liquid.



Plating Procedure

  1. Place the jelly rectangles in the following order on a plate: litchi, then rose, then raspberry. Repeat one more time.
  2. Spoon 45 g/1.5 oz of rose petal cake crumbs around the jellies. Serve.