Clear Coffee Jelly Stained with Pomegranate Juice | Licorice Sauce | Pain D’épices Frozen Bubbles

Why These Flavors Work

Licorice is a flavor that people either love or hate; there is little ambivalence when it comes to preference. I happen to like it very much. It has a very fresh flavor similar to fennel and mint, but it also has a toasted, Maillard-like flavor, which makes it unique. It pairs well with coffee since it shares the toasted notes and the warmth of its flavor. The pain d’épices is a mixture of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, black pepper, anise seeds, and orange zest) that enhance the dominant flavor of the licorice and the coffee. The pomegranate adds an acidic note that pushes the bitterness from the coffee forward.




Plating Procedure

  1. Place the frozen licorice sauce on the plate; turn on a heat gun and thaw the sauce using the lowest heat setting on the heat gun.
  2. Trim both ends of the coffee jelly using a thin sharp knife. This will show the clarity of the jelly but will also highlight the visual aspect of the bright red ring around the jelly.
  3. Place the clear coffee jelly next to the licorice sauce. Place a single strand of candied orange zest on top of the coffee jelly.
  4. Cut a piece from the frozen pain d’épices foam using a small offset spatula. It should be an organic shape, no larger than 5 cm/2 in long and wide. Place it next to the jelly. Serve immediately.