Old Chatham Camembert Cheese | Fig Paper Envelope | Candied Dandelion | Organic Honeycomb | Caramelized Honey

Why These Flavors Work

Cheese and fruits typically go well together. Now, this does not apply to all cheeses and all fruits. Camembert and figs are a good example of a proper match. Figs are sweet but not too sweet. They balance the funk and the salt from cheese. The honey components (sauce and comb) add a sweet note and also a floral flavor. The candied dandelion is also a floral flavor, which ties in with the other floral notes from the wildflower honey. The fig paper is crispy, and so is the candied dandelion; therefore there is a good balance of textures, from soft to crispy.




Plating Procedure

  1. Cut out 10 rectangles of parchment paper measuring 5 cm/2 in wide by 10 cm/4 in long. You will need two blocks of Old Chatham Camembert cheese. This cheese comes in squares measuring about 7.5 cm/3 in by 2.5 cm/1 in deep. Cut the cheese into .75-cm/.25-in-wide slices, leaving the rind on (or take it off, if you prefer). Cut the slices by dipping a thin, sharp knife into hot water, drying it, and then quickly cutting down through the cheese. Ideally this cheese is cut when it is cold (from the refrigerator) in order to get a clean cut; on the other hand, it tastes best when it is tempered (as most cheeses do). Once you have cut the cheese, place it on a parchment paper rectangle cutout. Put the cheese on a flat half sheet pan and keep it covered and at room temperature during service. Discard any that is left over after service.
  2. Sauce the plate with the caramelized honey. Cut out 2.5-cm/1-in cubes of organic honeycomb using a thin, sharp knife. Dip the knife in hot water first and then dry it in order to get a clean cut. Place the honeycomb on top of the sauce. Lean the candied dandelion in front of the honeycomb. Do not cut the honeycomb in advance since the honey tends to seep out of the comb, leaving the comb without the honey.
  3. Open the dehydrator door where the fig paper sheets are stored. Place a rectangle of cheese on top of the fig paper while still in the dehydrator; otherwise the paper will harden when it cools, making folding it without cracking impossible. Fold the fig paper over the cheese. Place the package onto the plate, seam facing back, on top of the caramelized honey sauce, in front of to the honeycomb and candied dandelion. Serve immediately.