Goat Cheese Bavarian Cream | Beet Jelly | Date Pound Cake Crumbs

Why These Flavors Work

Beets and goat cheese enjoy a pleasant relationship on the plate because the deep, earthy flavor of the beet and the barn-like flavor of the cheese are so well aligned and balance each other so well; each has a unique personality that is hard to miss. The date cake is a fruit component that is tempered and subdued and adds a simple note of refined sweetness that does not interrupt what the other flavors have to say. The micro lovage is a grassy-tasting herb, slightly minty, that pairs well with the goat cheese.




Plating Procedure

  1. Spoon 45 g/1.5 oz of date pound cake crumbs on a plate.
  2. Place a tube of goat cheese Bavarian cream on a rectangle of beet jelly. Gently roll the beet jelly and the goat cheese Bavarian together to wrap the Bavarian with the jelly completely.
  3. Place over the crumbs.
  4. Put 3 leaves of micro lovage on the cake crumbs. Serve immediately.