Pink Guava Cream | Vanilla Chiffon Cake | White Chocolate-Covered Puffed Rice

Why These Flavors Work

The main flavor here is that of the pink guava, which is very intense and clearly identifiable. The vanilla and white chocolate simply round it out and temper it while the puffed rice is a textural component.



Assembly Procedure

  1. Have 10 chiffon cake disks available.
  2. Lightly spray a coat of “de-mold spray” into 20 of the special pillow-shaped molds ( for resources on the de-mold spray and the molds). Put them on a sheet pan. You will need 1 molds per piece (a top piece and a bottom piece).
  3. Fill the molds two-thirds full with the guava cream. Place a vanilla chiffon disk on top of the cream and push it down so that the cream comes up the sides of the cake. Attach both pieces together (top and bottom); the excess cream on top will adhere both pieces together.
  4. Place the molds in a freezer to harden. Meanwhile, put a sheet pan lined with a nonstick rubber mat in a freezer.
  5. Once the creams have hardened, push them out of the molds. If they do not come out cleanly, they weren’t hard enough. You may need to dip them in tepid water to loosen them up slightly.
  6. Place them on the frozen prepared sheet pan as you take them out of the molds and keep them frozen.
  7. Set up a spray station, a surface that should be covered with plastic to keep the shop clean where you can spray the cream.
  8. Fill a compressor canister and spray the creams with an even coating of red velvet spray. Keep the compressor gun at least 60 cm/24 in from the creams to obtain a velvety smooth look.
  9. Transfer the pieces to their serving bases. Allow to thaw in the refrigerator. Present to display and serve or reserve in refrigeration for up to 36 hours.