Chocolate-Rum Cannelés

Why These Flavors Work

Traditional cannelés are flavored with vanilla. This wonderful pastry is hard to describe, since if you didn’t know better, you’d think something was wrong. It is crisp and firm on the crust as if it were burned but soft and moist on the inside, almost as if it were undercooked. Yet that is exactly how it is supposed to be. In this recipe, it is flavored with chocolate and rum. Both flavors enjoy an almost seamless symbiosis, even though you may not see them together in a cocktail (although, why not?). Rum and chocolate are meant to be together when it comes to pastries and desserts, but it needs to be dark rum, not white, because dark rum’s flavors work with those from the chocolate to create a very pleasant combination.



Serving Instructions

Cannelés are baked and reserved at room temperature. They can be served anytime after they are baked and have cooled. Discard after 24 hours.