Potatoes à la Parisienne

These are normally served as a garnish. However, we like them so well, we cannot be so restrained with them. Obviously, amounts here will depend on your appetite for these little golden balls.

Meat jelly is a prerequisite of a well-stocked kitchen. It is obtained by pouring, into a small jar, the fats and meat juices left in a roasting tin after the cooked meat has been removed. This is then put into the fridge to solidify. The cold fats are then removed, leaving the intensely flavoured meat juices at the bottom.


  • Large potatoes
  • Butter
  • A little concentrated meat jelly
  • Chopped parsley


Using a round vegetable scooping spoon, cut out perfect little balls from the potatoes. What is left can be used for soup.

Heat the butter in a large sauté pan and cook the potato balls until golden all over. Add the meat jelly, stirring to coat the potatoes, then sprinkle with the parsley. Eat at once.

In 1771 the potato was regarded with such suspicion that the French government asked the Medical Faculty of Paris to investigate it. Their opinion was that it was a most beneficial and healthy food.