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What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

By X. Marcel Boulestin

Published 1932

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I. Take two handfuls of sorrel, clean it well, remove the stalks and the medium fibre, chop it, and cook it for ten minutes in hot salted water (the amount of water should be regulated by the number of people). Chop finely a small piece of garlic and one hard-boiled egg, and throw these in the soup. Add a great deal of pepper, the juice of a lemon, a few thin slices of cucumber, and one egg well beaten. Pour the soup in a soup tureen and let it get cold. A few minutes before serving add five or six pieces of ice.

II. Cut a beetroot in very small pieces and cook it in salted water; cut in thin slices half a cucumber, sprinkle these with a little salt to bring out the water; mix together the slices of cucumber, and the water and the pieces of beetroot, adding the water in which they have been cooked; add slices of hard-boiled eggs, one whole egg well beaten, pepper, chopped parsley, and chervil. Serve with pieces of ice floating in the soup.

These Polish soups must be served iced, but the ice should be added only a few minutes before serving, as if it melted too much the soup would be too watery. They should be rather acid and very highly seasoned, that is, if one is anxious to leave to the soup its peculiar character.