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What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

By X. Marcel Boulestin

Published 1932

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This dish, also called arroz à la valenciana, is delicious when properly prepared. Take some rice, the Patna kind preferably, allowing a handful for each person; shake it well to remove the dust. It should not be washed. (The Italians also, when making risotto Milanese, do not wash the rice. As a famous Italian writer puts it: “Wash your face, wash your hands, wash your conscience, but do not wash the rice; the rice is no snob . . .”) Chop together a large onion, parsley, and a piece of garlic. Brown this in a deep pan or a cocotte, with two or three spoonfuls of olive oil; add the rice, and brown it lightly. Then add two or three green sweet peppers, previously grilled, and two or three tomatoes (peeled); cut all this in smallish pieces. Cook a little more, stirring with a wooden spoon, and season with salt, pepper and pounded cloves.

Meanwhile, cook in consommé or veal stock chicken, ham and pieces of fish cut in small cubes. Add them to the rice and the stock little by little, and cook slowly on a very low fire. From the moment you have begun to add the stock do not stir the rice any more, but shake the pan occasionally. There is no need to be afraid of the mixture of fish and meat, which is typical of popular Spanish cooking.

The paella is always cooked in an earthenware dish and served in it.