Mushroom Tart in Puff-paste


I include this to give you a tasting of the way things were done, and written in the past.

‘You must make a Cullis with the Slabs and Slices of Ham [a thick broth], then take a Quart of fresh buttons and toss them up in your Cullis of Mushrooms thick as Cream, then sheet a dish with Puff-paste and put in your mushrooms, and then strew some Crumbs of Bread over the top as thick as half a Crown, and sprinkle it, melted in Butter and Yolks of Eggs, until you have covered your Crumbs and then bake it and cut a Piece out of the Top, and put in some of your Cullis, then shake it and serve away, squeeze in the Juice of an orange.’

This is an excellent recipe from Carter, 1736. Up to you to adapt it to fit your methods.