3771 Other Game Birds

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Grand Coq de Bruyère—Capercaillie: This is the largest of the birds belonging to the order Gallinaceae and although fairly common in northern countries, is rarely to be found in France. It is best when roasted on the spit.

Petit Coq de Bruyère—Black Grouse: This bird is about the same size as the pheasant and there is a variety of it which is usually featured on the menu under the name of Black-Cock. Suitable preparations are, à la Broche, en Salmis and en Chaud- froid.

Grouse: This bird is one of the finest of the game birds and is to be found only in Scotland and England. They should be used fresh; they do not travel well especially during the beginning of the season in August. Suitable preparations are the same as those for Hazel Grouse.