Chicory and Endive

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Oxford Companion to Food

Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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chicory and endive Cichorium intybus and C. endivia, two closely related plants whose common names are beset by much confusion, in French as well as English. It is convenient to treat them together, and to exhibit the common names in tabular form.

Chicory and endive both belong to the genus Cichorium, which in turn belongs to the large family Asteraceae which also includes lettuce, and many other edible plants, and also dandelion (whose leaves resemble those of wild chicory).

Scientific name English American French
C. intybus (green) chicory chicory, sugarloaf

chicorée endive

C. intybus (blanched) witloof, French endive witloof chickory, Belgian endive, French endive

chicorée à grosses racines

C. intybus (red-leaved) radicchio radicchio red chicory

chicorée sauvage à rouge feuille

C. endivia (broad-leaved or batavian) endive endive, escarole, batavia, chicory

chicorée scarole

C. endivia (curly-leaved) curly endive

chicorée frisée