Snapper: West Atlantic

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Oxford Companion to Food

Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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  • Lutjanus analis, mutton snapper: from New England to Brazil; length to 75 cm (30"); coloration variable, often greenish-blue above, pink on the sides, with a black blotch above the rear part of the lateral line and red ventral fins.

  • L. apodus, schoolmaster: to 60 cm (24"); greyish-brown with light vertical bars, and orange or yellow fins. The most common snapper of W. Indian coral reefs.

  • L. griseus, grey snapper: tropical W. Atlantic; to 90 cm (3'); generally greyish with tinges of green or red.

  • L. mahogoni, mahogany snapper (ojanco in Cuba): tropical W. Atlantic; to 48 cm (20"); grey/olive with a reddish tinge.

  • L. synagris, lane snapper (villajaiba in Mexico); to 50 cm (20").

  • L. vivanus, silk snapper: to 80 cm (32"); good quality, marketed.

  • Ocyurus chrysurus, yellowtail snapper: to 70 cm (28"); common.

  • Rhomboplites aurorubens, vermilion snapper: to 60 cm (24"); especially common off the south-east coast of the USA.