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This method is best for non-juicy fruits and those which discolour easily. Syrup is normally made from white sugar and water. (Honey may be used, but it flavours the fruit strongly. Brown sugar may be used, but affects the colour of the fruit.) A medium syrup or 40% syrup (11oz/325g sugar: 1 pint/500ml water) is best for most purposes as a heavier syrup tends to make the fruit flabby. The sugar must be completely dissolved in boiling water, then cooled, and is best stored in a refrigerator for a day before use. The fruit should be packed into containers and covered with syrup, leaving ½–1in/1.25–2.5cm headspace. To prevent discoloration of the fruit, a piece of greaseproof paper or freezer film should be pressed down over the fruit into the syrup before sealing, freezing and labelling.

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