Herbs & Leafy Greens

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By Todd Porter

Published 2013

OUR VERY FIRST GARDEN TOGETHER WAS A collection of small terra-cotta pots filled with fragrant herbs and baby greens. Our tiny green space was cultivated on the second-story balcony of an apartment that we shared with two other roommates. These leaves not only fed us in the kitchen, but also nourished our spirits. They were the easiest plants to grow on our space-challenged little patio, and they brought us so much satisfaction. As long as we remembered to water them on hot summer days, we would have meals laced with the most tender herbaceous leaves. If we forgot the watering duties, then we had brown, crumbly twigs of freshly dried herbs. This was one of the many growing pains of learning to garden in small pots. But in the end we still felt successful because there was always an herb element to cook with and some small microgreens to eat.

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