There is no meat in the world as versatile as ground beef. It can be made into hamburgers and meat loaves and used in countless sauces. There are many people who prefer dishes made with hamburger to the finest sirloin or porterhouse. One of the reasons for the popularity of ground meat is the infinite ways to vary the flavor through the addition of herbs and spices.
There is one important thing to know about buying ground beef. It is best to have it freshly ground at the point of purchase or to buy it packaged from a source that is known to be reliable. Ground beef that is left to stand for a day or so, even in the refrigerator, develops an off flavor.
Also, do not look for bargains in ground beef. The product labeled hamburger is certainly no bargain. It contains a high fat content and, as the meat cooks, the fat melts and the meat shrinks. The meat should contain a little fat or it will be too dry. Buy good-quality beef, either ground round or ground chuck. Ground fillet or sirloin is an extravagance and they are generally too lean.

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