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Oxford Companion to Food

Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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afternoon tea; agriculture and food; ambigu; anthropology and food; aquaculture; archaeology and food; art, food in; Asian restaurants; banquet; bistro; brasserie; breakfast; Buddhism and food; buffet; café; cannibalism; carnival foods; chef; Christianity and food; Christmas foods; chuck, chuck wagon; clambake; Cockaigne (land of); Columbian exchange; convenience foods; cook; cookery schools; cordon bleu; cuisine; culinary mythology; cutlery; dietary laws; diner; dinner; doggy bags; Easter foods; eat; elevenses; epicure; etiquette; fairy food; famine; fast foods; fasting; feasts; film and food; food history; foodways; foraging; four humours; funeral food; fusion food; Futurist meals; gardening and food; gastronomy; gender/sex and food; globalization; gourmand; gourmet; haute cuisine; high tea; Hinduism and food; Hogmanay; hospitality; hotels and inns; imitation foods; internet and food; Jains and food; Japanese tea ceremony; Jewish dietary laws; journalism and food; leftovers; Lent; literature and food; living history and the history of food; local food; lunch; markets; meals; mealtimes; merenda, merienda; milk bar; molecular gastronomy; monks and nuns; Muslims and food; Noah’s ark (the food problem); nursery food; obesity; organic food; Passover (and food); philosophy and food; photography and food; picnic; poetry and food; politics and food; potlatch; potluck; protein and human history; Ramadan; restaurant; sardi/garmi; service à la française; service à la russe; ships and food; Silk Road; sin eating; Slow Food; smörgåsbord; sociology and food; soul food; space, food in; stage meals; street food; subtleties; supper; table-top cookery; taboo; tasting (against poison); television and food; terroir; tex-Mex; Thanksgiving; tiffin; travel and food; vegetarianism; viennoiserie; war; washing up; wedding meals and cakes; white trash cooking; wrapped foods; yin-yang.