Standards of Quality for Consommé

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Professional Cooking

By Wayne Gisslen

Published 2014

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  1. Appearance.

    Broth should be crystal clear and perfectly degreased. Color should be pale amber for poultry consommé and darker amber, not dark brown, for meat consommé.

    Garnish should be perfectly and uniformly cut.

  2. Flavor and Aroma.

    Flavor and aroma should be full, rich, well balanced, and concentrated, with the distinct flavor of the main ingredients (meat, poultry, or fish). It should be carefully seasoned, with just the right amount of salt.

  3. Texture.

    Broth should have good body and mouthfeel, even more so than a good broth, due to a noticeable gelatin content from the well-made stock. Garnish should be cooked to the right degree of tenderness.