Boning a Whole Fowl

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By Irene Kuo

Published 1977

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This is essentially the same process as skinning a whole fowl, except that only the bones are removed, leaving the meat attached to the skin.

Again you start with the neck; but instead of cutting between the skin and meat, 1) cut against the bones with your paring knife at the neck cavity and spine to free the meat from the carcass, pulling the skin with the meat as you go. Cut the breast and back bones with poultry shears whenever they get in your way. 2) Now you want to remove the bones from the upper part of the wings. To do this cut through the wing joint to detach the upper part of the wing and then cut against the bones to free the meat and skin until the second joint is exposed. Cut through this upper joint and remove the upper wing bone, leaving the lower wing and wing tip intact. Repeat with the other wing.