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The Carved Angel Cookery Book

by Joyce Molyneux


A forerunner of the Modern British food movement and a passionate advocate for local and seasonal ingredients, Joyce Molyneux (now retired) was also one of the first women to gain a Michelin star. The greatest hits from her Dartmouth restaurant – Calf’s Liver With Gin and Lime Sauce, Saddle of Hare With Grapes and Brandy – make up this creative compendium.

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Recipes from "The Carved Angel" restaurant in Dartmouth, England, include instructions for making soups, pasta, fish, shellfish, poultry & game, meat, vegetable dishes, and desserts

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Newsletter: Easter feasting + special offer on tickets for The British Library food season

Newsletter: Easter feasting + special offer on tickets for The British Library food season

Easter marks the point in the Christian calendar when the penitential forty-day period of Lent is over. Named after the Norse goddess of spring and rebirth Eostre, it is a time to celebrate after the winter fast, to share sweetness and abundance. There is regional variation in Easter foods, but what they have in common is that all-important rich sweetness and reference to the new season of warmth and harvest ahead.

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Tamasin Day-Lewis

Writer, film maker

Joyce was one of the inheritors of the great George Perry-Smith who had The Hole in the Wall in Bath and later Riverside, one of the first restaurants with rooms, in Helford in Cornwall. His partner Joyce had the eponymous Carved Angel at Dartmouth. Simon Hopkinson was also under George's culinary wing.

Hattie Ellis

Food writer

Not explicitly an English cookbook – influences and ingredients also come from elsewhere – this is nonetheless deeply and beautifully rooted in Molyneux’s cooking in her Devon restaurant. Every recipe has that little bit of finesse that makes a dish special without being cheffy.

Graham Garrett

Chef and owner of The West House

Original champion of British food and seasonal ingredients long before it was trendy. A Great chef and an amazing restaurant.

Valentine Warner

Author and chef

A wonderful book of creative and interesting recipes from one of the greats

Nathan Outlaw