By Shirley Corriher

Original Publisher
William Morrow and Company
Date of publication

Recommended by

Hsiao-Ching Chou

Food journalist

The science of cooking came alive for me through Corriher’s book. I also learned from her about White Lily flour and the power of Touch of Grace Biscuits. The recipe creates a wet biscuit dough that you have to scoop and squeeze into a cake or pie pan. I didn’t understand the appeal of biscuits until I interviewed Corriher and made these biscuits.

Jennifer Armentrout

Editor-in-Chief, Fine Cooking Magazine

This is the first book I reach for when I need to figure out what’s going on with a recipe that’s not working. It makes food science very approachable and easy to understand for non-scientists like me.

Len Fisher

Former food scientist, writer and broadcaster

The book that I wish I'd written, if Shirley had not got there first! Packed with information about WHY cooking techniques and recipes work.

Christine McFadden

Food writer, cookbook author and cookery teacher

Wide and useful range of recipes backed by excellent easy-to-understand science-based explanations

Molly Wizenberg

Blogger and cookbook author

Jennifer Bushman

Culinary Consultant, Route to Market LLC

JoAnn Cianciulli

Cookbook author and TV producer

Peter Reinhart

Baking instructor and author

Cheryl Day and Griffith Day

Bakers and cookbook authors