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Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook

Farm Journal's Complete Pie Cookbook

by Nell B. Nichols


Food historian Nell B. Nichols writes like a dream, and the introduction to this 1965 book is fascinating for its historical context, and for explaining how and why pie came to be emblematic of the American dining table. With 700 variations on fruit pies, custard pies, deep-dish pies, cobblers and savory meat pies, and including recipe-tested advice on how to make perfect pie crust, this is a book for reading, savoring and cooking from.

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Proud country cooks know a good pie begins with a good crust. They start (as this book does) with perfect pastry — flaky, fork-tender, golden brown.Then... ah, the world of pies is wondrous and varied...

Here are tradition-perfect recipes for America's favorite pies — apple, cherry, pumpkin, lemon — collected by Farm Journal editors from prize-winning farm cooks. Every pie you've ever heard of — and some more — is here... an almost endless collection of full-flavored fruit pies, delicate custard and cream pies, deep-dish pies, cobblers, dumplings, old-time cake-pies, tarts and turnovers, chiffon and ice-cream pies.

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Behind The Cookbook: Farm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook

Behind The Cookbook: Farm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook

The 700 recipes in Farm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook are a collection of America’s best. Author Nell Beaubien Nichols was a prolific food writer and chronicler of American foodways, with no fewer than 17 cookbooks to her name, written over a period of more than 50 years. She is best known for the series of books written for the magazine ‘Farm Journal’.

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