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The New Spanish Table

by Anya von Bremzen


Russian-born author Anya von Bremzen, an authority on the cooking of Russia and former Soviet countries, turns her attention to the cooking of a very different country, Spain. Having spent 20 years traveling throughout every region, she really gets under the skin of Spanish cooking–and has clearly “fallen in love” with the cuisine, as she describes. The boundary-breaking skills of super-chef Ferran Adrià and the modernizing nueva cocina movement form the basis of this vibrant regional recipe collection.

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Welcome to the world's most exciting foodscape, Spain, with its vibrant marriage of rustic traditions, Mediterranean palate, and endlessly inventive cooks. The New Spanish Table lavishes with sexy tapas —Crisp Potatoes with Spicy Tomato Sauce, Goat Cheese-Stuffed Pequillo Peppers. Heralds a gazpacho revolution—try the luscious, neon pink combination of cherry, tomato, and beet. Turns paella on its head with the dinner party favorite, Toasted Pasta "Paella" with Shrimp. From taberna owners and Michelin-starred chefs, farmers, fishermen, winemakers, and nuns who bake like a dream—in all, 300 glorious recipes, illustrated throughout in dazzling color. ¡Estupendo!

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Lisa Gershenson

Food entrepreneur and culinary educator

Although the author was born in Soviet Russia, in the early eighties she began traveling all over Spain spending the next twenty years exploring the cuisine. She was drawn to the regional rigor, the impact of tradition and the newly celebrated creativity as Spain emerged from the repression and deprivation of the Franco years. Usually I favor books on cuisine from a specific country written by an author from the region. However, her recipes, encompassing both the traditional and the trendy, come from an extraordinary wealth of sources. She shares where she learned to prepare a particular recipe, the region it’s from and how it fits into the context of Spanish food. It’s the best book on Spanish food in my library

Marc Vidal

Executive Chef of Boqueria Restaurant

Georgia Freedman

Writer and food scholar